The lil bug

I saw you there

In my watering can

And just in time

I scooped you up

And placed you gently

On my favourite marigold

You were so pleased

I could feel your love

As you wiggled and danced

Stretching out your

Lil body on that bright orange petal

You wanted to live

So life filled you

You wanted to fly

And you grew wings

Perhaps they were always there

But somehow

In that moment

It seemed anything was possible

That if you shared your world with an insect

They would share a tiny miracle

With you

And off you flew

Right by my happy eyes

To explore your world

Leaving me so thankful

For mine

But it wasn’t yours

And it wasn’t mine

It was ours

A Girl Made of Moments

Her hair sweeps across one eye

with a pony ride and a kiss goodnight

her long legs run, on a tummy tickle

a Beana Bird and a Maddy Pickle

her heart is beating with a million “I love yous”

Brown sugar oatmeal

and new monster high shoes

her eyes hand you faith, trust,

purpose and hope

With all the times you said “sure”,

when your mom mind said “nope”.

Her ideas rush like Nymph Falls

Swirling, twirling and singing,

Won’t ever stop, this is just the beginning.

She’s still looking at me, now and then,

like a queen

But those days are numbered

like the countdown to pre-teens..

This girl is my heart, my soul, and my mirror

the moments we make will create who you see here.


i see her there

in my reflection

The moment passing

going no direction

just knowing I am changed



Moments we don’t move forward,

Or back~

Moments we hoard like Halloween candy~

Moments we feel deeply, as they are etched into our skin like a tattoo~

Like a comic into smoothly pressed silly putty~

The slow motion rumblings as you are being peeled away from this perfect comic ~

Shaken by time ~

Pushing you from the delicately portioned ease into the next unknown~

We are going to be changed ~

Every future moment mixed with blended bits of yesterday’s ink.