SEPTEMBER 24, 2020
Bonnie Dupont

Maybe they’re supposed to be

Rescued from falling to the ground

Honoured for their fight

Guided safely toward some new purpose

They tried to transform and hung on for dear life

But were let go while fiery and bright

Was it a mistake?

Maybe they had more to give

Maybe they were not

Content to settle there

Maybe they were searching for a new life

Maybe they were alone

Unable to see any way out

There is no way home anymore

Only the hope for somewhere new

Maybe the long hot days

And cold bitter winds

Finally shook their core

Maybe they just needed to be loved

And heard

Whether rustling in a breeze

Or moving majestically in the night

But instead

They got raked into a pile

Labelled as waste

Trashed and forgotten

As the cold takes over

The world goes on without them

Looking forward to new spring buds

Praising the strong hearty trees with deep roots

That never break

And never fall

That delicate leaf

Heavy with expectation

Failing to thrive in the chaos of inconsistency and with no stability

Has fallen


And blended into the earth

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