Set Free

There’s a wee bit of triumph we feel when we state the obvious but if it doesn’t work to improve a situation going forward it was likely best unsaid. When you look to the past and keep the momentum of past wrongs alive you will never get further from there. If you point out every misstep of another they will stay stuck in that vision you have of them. They are best set free of your company. No one is the person you perceive them to be really, not fully. They are not the snapshot of what you have seen. We are always evolving. Leave the past in the past. Be the you that you wish to be. Be happy for the good moments of now. Tomorrow is new, see the best in each other. Let your memories be filled with the good things you have seen and done. Let your friends, family, bosses, teachers, neighbours, coworkers and kids be who they are dreaming to be with no tight strings to knot them up to the mistakes made yesterday. We are all learning. We are all growing. Let’s allow each other the space and chance to adjust to the ever changing world around us. Let’s cheer each other on as we reach for changes we desire to see in ourselves and our lives.
What if you knew that tomorrow you could wake up and be exactly the you that you always wished to be? We are all our perfect selves within years of masks and fears and loss. I don’t mean physically. I mean who were you before every little bit you did to camouflage the real you? Did you leave behind interests you had because someone said it was dumb. Did you stop laughing at fart jokes to appear more mature? Maybe you joined a club to fit in and you despise every second of it. Did you give up your sports car for a minivan? Whatever it is. I wish for us all to embrace life again and remember exactly why we came here in the first place! Take those layers off –now who do you see? Sleep on it…when you wake up…anything and everything is possible. Do not let your feet hit the floor without taking a big breath and appreciating all the good stuff in your life. Then start fresh. Nothing from your past writes your future.