Go for Coffee??

You wouldn’t ask Santa if we could “do this more often” Hasn’t he done enough?

“Hey, let’s go for coffee” Uh, excuse me? No. That’s just way too aggressive. Like where are we going? Will it be hard to find, is wide open parking available? What kind of people will be there? Will I feel awkward? (of course I’ll feel awkward) Will they have weird coffees that nobody knows how to pronounce? Will I need to pay ten dollars for a big silly mug of some hard to pronounce brew that I will be too nervous to even enjoy? Will someone else you know show up, forcing me to act all cool and fun? Will it turn into shopping and a movie? Will I be unable to concoct a good enough reason why I can’t go. Is “I need to go home and sit quietly” a good enough reason to refuse a continued interaction? If I’m able to get out of there safely will you start popping in? What if you start calling me to kill time? Will I happily agree to your super fun party while we are being all social and then finally, at home, be in the pits of hell trying to figure my way out of it? I can maybe do one event. Per year. It takes me the rest of the year to reflect on it and find moments to recover from it. Kinda like Santa. You wouldn’t ask Santa if we could “do this more often” Hasn’t he done enough? I realize I’m not heading out with a sleigh full of toys and bringing joy to one and all but I’m preparing and planning and will be putting on my best self when it’s my time. When I head home that’s it. Year off.

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